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Every Cent Helps

There is no better feeling than finding your furever friend, paying the adoption fee, and heading home with your new buddy in the passenger seat.   If every animal had a person to bring them home and love them immediately, our work would be easy.

For Some, It’s a Long Way Home

Unfortunately, that isn’t the way animal adoption plays out.  There is simply a greater supply of animals than there is a demand, which means that we have to work very hard to match each sweet pet with his forever home.  Sometimes it takes weeks; sometimes, it’s months. We’ve had some pets wait for years to be chosen to be part of a family.

And during those weeks and months, these defenseless animals need food, supplies, and veterinary attention. Their needs go beyond health, nourishment, and shelter — they need us to do the legwork to make them known, to do the legwork to get them visibility so the right person sees they’re ready to be adopted.

This all takes funding, and we depend on our partnership with good-hearted people in our community to support us.

Your donation has local impact — all the pets in our rescue are in Central Illinois.

Not everyone has the time to pour into finding these sweet pets homes, but almost everyone can support New Hope’s work.  Even the smallest gestures of support make a big impact.

Please help.

Animals benefit when you use Amazon Smile, when you donate supplies, and when you make a monetary donation. (Since we are a 501(c)3 organization, your cash donation is tax-deductible.)

Thank you for working with New Hope Animal Shelter to give hope to animals who haven’t found their way home yet.